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With the help of our shipment tracker, you can track the cargo online. You can check the order status, track the shipment, edit your delivery or email address and more by checking your online Order Status.

Online Order Status

It is quite easy to track the status of your order. First you need to visit online Order Status. and enter your password, Once you sign in the Order status page you will be able to see the details of your cargo along with the Unique Vendor Code which will be given to you at the time of placing an order with us.
On the Your Orders Page, an Order Status message shows the tracking movement of your cargo. The meaning of the message is mentioned below.

Order Placed:

We’ve received your order as well as the payment details. Once we start preparing your order you can make the changes to your order if any.

Order in Progress:

We have everything needed to complete the order process. You will be updated when your order is completed and ready to ship. Changes in the order are still acceptable at this stage.

Preparing to Ship:

After completing all the final details of your order. We will send you an email regarding the delivery information and prepare the shipment. Changes in the order at this point will not be entertained.


You can now log in to the online “Order Status Page.” and follow your shipment online. This message will be displayed once the cargo has left from the port.


The order has been dropped off at the shipping address mentioned in your order. If you need to return any part of your order for replacement, you can talk to our executives online via email.

Edit your Order Details

Sign in to the online Order Status. page to view the details of your order. You may be able to edit the order if the status reads as Order Placed or Order in Progress. Check the Online Order Status above for more information on the order status message.
The following mentioned details can be edited only after you had discussed the same with our executives.

Shipping Address:

You may still be able to edit your shipping address, if your order is in Order Progress Status. Read the Online Order Status section above for more information on order status messages.

Email Address:

If you didn’t receive any Notification regarding the Shipment or else the Shipment Email, we may have an incorrect address, or the emails are stuck in your spam or junk email folder.

Text message preferences:

You can edit your mobile phone number at any time by contacting us via email. Refer to the Shipping and Delivery help page for more details.

Cancel Order

So if the order is not in Preparing to Ship or Shipped status, you may be able to cancel the order. Please check the  cancellation policy in the Shipping and Delivery

Order Tracking Process

Once your order has left the warehouse you will receive a text message containing your unique vendor code and its status.We will send you the text message on the day of the delivery or after your item has been delivered, depending on your delivery method. Texts are sent between 9:00 am and 10:00 pm in your time zone.


What is the meaning of Order Status Messages?

We will send you message along with email. So here is the understanding of what the message means:-

Under Review:

Your order is in the waiting process in respect to the payment method which you have slected for the shipment.

Partially Shipped:

We have shipped your order to you. If you have not received it yet, you can track the shipment from the order status page.

Action Required:

We are having problem to complete you order because it is missing some of the important information required to complete the order. So in this case please contact us and provide us the with the useful information so as to complete the order process.


All the conditions are fullfilled that are required to complete the order, and now you can track your order status online.


Your order has been cancelled. We invite you to place a new order at Kabirexim.com or Call our executives for further assistance and support.

Text Messages:

In addition to email notifications,we can send you text message updates once you have completed all the formalities of the order We’ll text you when your order has  shipped or are else ready for pickup.

Texts are sent between 9:00am and 10:00pm in your time zone.

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